Quite frankly, conformity can do one!

I hate the idea of conformity. The idea that I must adopt attitudes, emulate popular personalities and borrow my opinions from social trends- all in effort to remain predictable, consistent and liked. I see no reason to risk my autonomy by blending into someone’s idea of a well-behaved sheep.



16/04/2014 · 2:00 am

7 responses to “Quite frankly, conformity can do one!

  1. Well put…and perfectly worded

  2. Yes, well said. And any scars we acquire along the non-conformist path, just add to our individuality! Peace, Glyn

  3. So agree. Conformity is pushed on us because then we are much easier for companies to predict in terms of advertising & marketing to. In fact, those in power have always tried to force conformity on the masses, in order to remain in power. And it’s such a waste of what should be a unique existence.

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