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I think Jacob Banks Is Talking To Me

I’m a wrecking ball at best,
A big house with empty photographs,
You are my only souvenir,
You are my silver lining.
                                              – Jacob Banks

I’ve been harbouring a debilitating anxiety lately. I just feel like I can’t escape failure long enough to find something to love about life. I needed this song. It’s the meaning behind it, I think. The fact that Jacob Banks wrote it at a time when he “hated everything and wasn’t content with a lot of things in his life”. Sometimes I have conversations with people who don’t know I exist, and their words feed my soul. Strangers who turn their pain into verses of healing. What I love is that everyone else doesn’t matter, just the song and the salty tears. No one will share the burden of being me, I am the sole proprietor of my trials. Still, it’s nice to hear a voice that speaks of the pain, and sings of the brighter day, especially when those closer- Just. Don’t. Get it.

Even if it does just last for a few minutes, he makes me want to believe in silver linings.

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Letter To Me (2)

Dear Twenty Y/O Me,

It’s as if our responsibilities extend to accepting their judgments.

Find a way to be stronger than their words.


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