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It hurts.
But there will come a day when it doesn’t anymore.

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My dad woke me up to see this sunrise. It’s like an alarm that commands the earth to recognise the heavens. It brings with it new hope, new dreams, new love and simultaneously carries forward the baggage we willed to leave behind the day before; like a bearer of bad news ushering in a sequel to yesterday’s misery. But what I admire is its strength. It breaks the binding chains of night to end the lions’ hunt and enhance the birds’ song.


Like the rising sun, I must break through the night and see the dawn of each day as another opportunity to try again. I can’t just move on, I have to move strong. I must end the hunt of my demons and beg the presence of what is good in me. I must live, I must love, I must become my very own- my sunrise.





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When the world becomes too much for me, I run. Sometimes I feel good after and sometimes I don’t. All I know is, when I stop and my feet stand still, I have no choice but to accept what’s coming. I can never run far enough or fast enough- the world will always find me.





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Distorted truths

I spend too much time falling in love with memories that my mind has dusted, soaped up, and wiped down. However, my infatuation never seems to be with people but more so with a distortion of the truth; an illusion of who they really are. Sometimes this is not at all based on any real understanding of them, but on a fantasy I created of who I needed them to be in that moment that I orchestrated their role in my mind. Why can’t I ever see people without creating some narrative about them that convinces me of their personalities and characteristics, when in fact it is for them to show me what I need to see?

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I loved him because he made me feel beautiful on the inside.
You see I’m not. I’m not very beautiful on the inside.
But he was.
And I learned from him.
And I became more beautiful.



13/04/2014 · 11:28 pm

I’m learning lessons

When you become aware of the time wasted arguing with boys, you learn the value of conversing with men.


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