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Dear Me: 25 Today


Today you turn 25.

Below are the trending topics on twitter for the 10th of September 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.13.24 pm

Here’s your song of the day (Kwabs – Saved):

There isn’t much you need to remember about the day. But there is something I need you to hear. Kagendo, remember who it is you want to become and when you stray from her, when she seems distant or unreachable, clear the clutter under which she is trapped. The words of those committed to your failure, the rejection of your work; all the demons that build mountains on your footpath. You are not your heritage, or the decisions of a despondent people. You must fight past the resistance, even if it renders you the sinking fury in a complacent society. You are an heir to struggle, but you do not have to inherit the dreams of your father, though you must adopt the responsibilities of a positive contribution to humanity. You are an heir to inequality, but you do not have to court the duties of your mother, though you must learn to respect everyones choices. You must become not merely a woman you can tolerate, but one substantiated by the weight of varied experience. You must be the crowd at your own parade, the cheer as you emerge. You must be what was intended.

Get there, Gendo. For goodness’ sake, get there.



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